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About Us

The Taxation Magazine website is part of the growing portfolio of websites published by Tax Publications.

Tax Publications Limited is a company based in the UK that specialises in online publishing in tax.

The aim of the Taxation Magazine is to provide an online magazine aimed at tax professionals and tax trainees around the world.

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About Taxation Magazine

Through a number of online solutions from directories of tax advisers to tax news, tax articles and tax information websites we aim to help you develop your tax knowledge, tax compliance with CPD and tax development all online.

We aims to help tax professionals in a number of other ways...

Association of Tax Advisors

The Taxation Magazine website also aims to promote membership of the Association of Tax Advisors a free to join international network of tax advisers around the world.

Join the Association of Tax Advisors completely FREE.

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About The Tax Magazine

Taxation Magazine is part of the Tax Publications network of websites.

We hope it will help you find the tax news, tax updates, tax information and tax jobs featured on Taxation Magazine useful and helpful.