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Your first thought is perhaps why would I want to get involved?

Tax Publications specialises in online tax publishing.

The aim of the Taxation Magazine is to provide an online magazine aimed at tax professionals and tax trainees around the world written by it's users.

How Can I Get Involved?

Getting involved with Taxation Magazine is quite easy. If you are a tax professional in our own country you can get involved by submitting tax news and stories, tax articles and tax information about tax in your country.

We aim to help you develop your tax knowledge and to promote the tax skills you have online through a number of tax resources online of which Taxation Magazine is just one.

You can get involved by...

Contact us at Tax Publications if you can see why it's good to get involved or want more information.

Why Get Involved?

Writing articles, news updates and other information about tax improves your tax skills and tax knowledge. In some countries writing articles helps gain those precious Structured CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points.

Getting involved in writing about tax online also helps to promote your tax skill and your tax business.

In fact the question is rather "Why wouldn't you want to get involved?"

For regular contributors we are also developing other benefits of getting involved.

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Why Get Involved?

Gain Extra Experience

Learn More About Tax

Promote Your Tax Skills Online

Network With Other Tax Professionals Around the World

Grow Your Tax Business

Taxation Magazine is part of the Tax Publications network of websites.

We want Taxation Magazine to be for tax professionals by tax professionals.

More than that we would Taxation Magazine to be a channel through which tax professionals can promote their tax skills online.

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